Crewed luxury yacht charter holidays in Turkey on traditional gulets and motorsailers.


Gulet Crew

gulet crews togetherOn a private crewed yacht charter vacation you have ultimate freedom and privacy. You may do whatever you like and dine whenever you like, your party is exclusively attended by a professional, dedicated and friendly crew.

In our opinion the crew makes the difference and plays an important if not the most important role in the success of your gulet cruise holidays. We pay the same attention to the quality of both boat and crew and only add those boats to our portfolio where we are sure that the crews are dedicated to making a gulet vacation a truly memorable one.
gulet crew setting sail
In general the crews of our gulets consist of captain, chef, steward/sailor and deckhand (on smaller gulets captain, chef and deckhand). They are licensed seamen and in charge of safe navigation and sailing, preparation and operation of water toys and transportation of the passengers ashore to the beach during the day or for a night out. They are also responsible for keeping the outside of your gulet looking immaculate and in the engine room they keep engines, generators and pumps running perfectly.
The chef prepares delicious food to your liking that is served together with your preferred drinks by one of the crew members. On the most sophisticated gulets there is an extra host/hostess responsible for the service and a housekeeper is in charge of the interior and laundry.
gulet crew anchoring
The captains are experienced and passionate seafarers and have expert local knowledge. They know where the best anchorages, ports, beaches, snorkelling and fishing grounds are located as well as walks and other onshore activities. They customize every single day of the cruise to your personal preferences. Together with their crew members they provide an ambitious and very personalized yet discreet service. There are always around when needed but never intrude in your privacy unless you wish them to take a more active part. With their natural Turkish trait of warm hospitality they are the perfect and most welcoming hosts.

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