Crewed luxury yacht charter holidays in Turkey on traditional gulets and motorsailers


TURKISH FOOD: Gulet Cuisine

Turkish Cuisine-Turkish breakfast Turkish food is freshly prepared and beautifully presented by the chefs of our gulets. Turkish recipes are a fascinating mixture of Asian and Mediterranean cooking with Persian influences. Meals are most delicious and authentic making dining aboard an experience to equal or even top the best restaurants ashore. Dining with a view in the shade of a canopy aboard our gulets in secluded coves or in front of picturesque fishing villages make every meal a real feast for all senses.

Turkish Cuisine DinnerAfter an early morning coffee or tea for early birds, a day aboard starts with a rich Turkish breakfast consisting of slices of cucumber and tomato, assorted cheeses and sausages, a variety of egg dishes, green and black olives, honey, jam, butter and bread. Additionally there are cereals, yogurt and fresh fruit. The traditional breakfast drink is black Turkish tea but freshly brewed filter coffee, milk and herbal teas are served as well.

Light dishes of traditional Turkish cuisine, prepared with fresh local vegetables and olive oil are served for lunch: Fresh green beans, peppers stuffed with savoury rice, okras with tomatoes, pinto beans, aubergines stuffed with vegetables or minced meat, casseroles or boreks (Turkish pastry) accompanied by refreshing yogurts with mint and garlic, savoury pilavs, crispy salads and fresh fruit.
Even if you are not hungry in the afternoon, cakes, pies, pastries and cookies that are served at tea time are simply irresistible.
turkish cuisine food borek turkish cuisine food karni yarik turkish cuisine food omlet
In the evening the chef prepares fabulous dinners commencing with the famous Turkish meze (starters) like salads of aubergine, courgette or carrot with garlic yogurt, purslane or samphire drizzled with a sauce of garlic, olive oil and lemon, zucchini fritters, pastry rolls, shrimp cocktail, octopus salad. Main courses are prepared with either meat (beef, lamb, or chicken) or seafood (for example sea bream, sea bass, sword fish, calamari, king prawns) either from the BBQ or the oven, accompanied by aromatic side dishes and crispy salads and followed by either fresh fruit or desserts like rice pudding, almond cream or the famous baklava (a pastry filled with nuts)
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As a matter of course the chefs aboard our gulets will make every effort to accommodate any dietary restrictions and to fulfil special menu requests according to personal preferences. They are also well prepared to cater for kids in case they prefer more plain food. Prior to embarkation we will send you our embarkation questionnaire where you may let us know your party’s favourite foods to allow the chef to accommodate your tastes.